6 Reasons These Pads & Liners Perform

Let's unbox all the reasons these pads & liners are a game-changer.

Hypoallergenic, Unlike SOME Brands…

Not to name names, but you want to know what brands sell pads and liners that are not hypoallergenic? Always, Stayfree, U by Kotex, Carefree, and PantyLiners. So…Ironically, if you want to be Carefree, then Always Stayfree from PantyLiners that don’t got U. 🫳 🎤

Hear Us Out, Our Pads May Be Able To Reduce Cramping

Put on your lab coats for this explanation! Your body emits positive ions, while these pads release negative ions. Negative ions neutralize free radicals, enhancing cell metabolism and immune function. This can purify the blood and balance the autonomic nervous system, potentially easing cramps. Legally, we can’t make any promises here, but many of our customers have reported their cramping to be far more tolerable using these pads. Yay, science!

40% More Absorbent Than Your Favorite Cotton Pad

These pads are ultra-thin (1mm) but have the absorbency of a 4mm store-bought pad. So how did we manage to get more absorbency out of less pad? The secret is bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is 900% more absorbent than a household sponge. You simply have to just try them to believe how good they are.

Some Pads Absorb, But Don’t Keep You Dry

We hate the word “moist” because we know what it feels like to be moist. It’s not for us. The ultra-absorbent bamboo charcoal coupled with other natural materials means less moisture and allows your skin breathe. Stay dry, stay fresh, and maybe even forget you're on your period.

No Harsh Chemicals. I Mean, Why Even Risk It?

Look, pads made with chlorine, dioxins, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, are getting the job done for women every day. But if there was ever a time and place for the chemistry lab, it’s not here. You won’t find these chemicals in our allergy-free pads.

Wings That Don’t Fly Away On You

No more shifting, no more awkward adjustments, just pads that can hold their ground like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We’ve even had some customers email us saying they never knew a pad could stick that well! Twist and shout ladies. No problems here.

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