You customize your shipment with the premium products you need and we do the rest. Every month you get what you need when you need it.
● Step one - Fill your box with the products you want and the amount you’ll use.
● Step two - Choose your shipping cycle. 21, 28 or 35 days.
● Step three - Throw in some pampering (because you deserve it) and you’re done.

Do You Prefer Tampons?

Our tampons are pretty amazing. Premium materials and applicators. You won't settle for less, and neither do we. Choose light, regular or heavy. Our tampons are much more absorbent than others, so try out a few sizes until you find the perfect fit.

Maybe you prefer pads.

Super soft, ultra-thin premium materials make our pads unique from anything you’ll find in a store. The bamboo charcoal anion strip blocks odors naturally and releases negative ions that balance your body and help reduce cramping. Choose from panty liners, regular and night pads.

Do you use cups?

We created the perfect menstrual cup for you. It’s been tested by women and has evolved into the best menstrual cup you can buy. Choose small (for teens and women who haven’t given birth) or large (for more mature women and women who have given birth)

On your schedule

Not every woman has the same schedule. We can ship product every 21, 28 or 35 days so you get it when you need it.

Pause or update your shipment

Expecting a bundle of joy? 9 month pauses are welcome. Or maybe you ordered too much. Things happen. You can always adjust or pause your shipment. We also offer a Postpartum Package for when your bundle of joy makes their debut!

Pamper me package

A chocolate bar, makeup sponge and a face mask. Think of it as a monthly survival kit. Add this to your monthly shipment. Your family will thank us.

100% satisfaction guarantee. We use and love our product. We know that it’s the best out there. We know you have to buy your monthly needs somewhere and we would like to be your supplier. If you change your mind, there are no long term commitments. You can cancel with just a few clicks. But seriously, who wants to go to the store to buy this stuff? Not us. That’s why we’re here.

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