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Premium Activated Bamboo Charcoal Pads

Our Premium Activated Bamboo Charcoal Pads with wings are super soft and ultra-thin. But don't let how thin they are fool you! They absorb and lock in flow in under 1 second. They do not chafe the skin so they can be worn every day if needed and are used by many customers as incontinence pads too! The Charcoal Bamboo and Anion Strip absorbs odor naturally, can help alleviate cramping and kills bacteria. The Charcoal Strip possesses a negative ionic charge. That's important since most of the toxins and pollutants in your body possess a positive ionic charge. Toxins are drawn to charcoal and eliminated from the body naturally.
Our pads come in sizes:
-Panty Liner 6 inches (absorbs up to 80 ml)
-Regular/Day 9 inches (absorbs up to 100 ml)
-Heavy/Night 12 inches (absorbs up to 120 ml)
If you would like to try a sample pack with 2 of each of our pads (6 total) please click HERE.
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Compact Pearl Applicator Tampons

Our premium tampons go from compact to full sized in one easy click. The pearl applicator is designed with a smooth tip for quick, easy insertion. They expand all around for full coverage protection. Our tampons are lotion-free, latex-free and fragrance-free.
Our tampons come in sizes:
-Lite (absorbs up to 6 grams)
-Normal (absorbs between 6-9 grams)
-Super (absorbs between 9-12 grams)
If you would like to try a sample pack with 2 of each of our tampons (6 total) please click HERE.
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100% Medical Silicone Menstrual Cups

Our Menstrual Cups are made of high quality silicone and are toxin free, odor free and allergy free. There is no waste associated with menstrual cups so they are friendly to our environment. Our cups have four ventilation holes for easy removal. The removal stem has ridges to help with easy removal also.
Our menstrual cups come in two sizes:
-Large for women who are over 25 who have given birth
-Small for women under 25 who have not given birth
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All Natural Wipes

Stay fresh all month long with these all natural cleansing wet wipes. We made these in smaller packages to easily fit in a small pocket in your purse. They are about the size of a package of tissues. So get 3 or 4.
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Pamper Me Package

Our Pamper Me Package is the perfect addition to your monthly subscription. Let us help you take care of yourself every month.
Our pamper me package comes with:
-One Tiger Print Supple Sheet Face Mask
-One of our Latex Free Make-Up Beauty Blenders
-One full sized Hershey's Chocolate Bar (because everyone needs chocolate that time of the month!)
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Postpartum Package

Expecting a bundle of joy soon? We've got you covered when you come home from the hospital. Our little bundle of joy will make you happy too! We have put this package together with advice from a Labor and Delivery nurse (Hilary from the Pulling Curls Blog). We love Earth Mama's products so much and we knew we wanted to include their products in our Postpartum Package.
Our Postpartum Package includes:
-One 4 oz Bottle Herbal Perineal Spray from Earth Mama
-20 Heavy Pads
-30 Regular Pads
-20 Panty Liners
-One Tiger Print Supple Sheet Face Mask
-One Latex Free Beauty Blender
-One Hershey's Chocolate Bar
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First Period Kit

Be ready for the arrival of a first period with this First Period Kit. Every girl is different and starts her period at a different age. We recommend getting this little kit when they begin 5th grade to keep on hand for when the time comes.
Our first period kit includes:

-One Package 20 count Panty Liners (most girls will only use panty liners during the day because their flow is usually small)
-One Package 10 count Regular/ Day Pads with Wings (most young girls will use these for overnight use)
-1 Package 10 count All Natural Feminine Wipes (teaching good hygiene is very important at this age)
-1 Cute Zipper Carrying Pouch for storing feminine needs in their backpacks and purses
-1 Tiger Sheet Face Mask for pampering
-1 Hershey's Bar to satisfy those cravings
-1 Downloadable Guide to Your Period
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