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Customer Testimonials

Effective, relieving, transformative

"This product has helped me so much. I used to get moderate to severe cramps as well as weakness in my legs. Since starting to use this product the weakness in my legs has gone away, and my cramps have become minimal. I am no longer dependent on ibuprofen to get me through. Overall this is a great product!"

Inexpensive and work well

"I was excited to hear about this service. I have miserable, heavy, irregular cycles and this club gives me something to look forward to each month. I included the Pamper Me package and was super ecstatic when I opened the Tiger Mask and it was an actual tiger!! The products are really inexpensive and work well. I love that they have an odor-absorbing charcoal strip."

I have nothing bad to say

"I love your product and my daughter who had her 5th menstrual cycle ever, who's constantly looking for negative things to say-said "I am really trying to be a Negative Nancy, but, I have nothing bad to say. I really like them." She also things we should order more. That is an amazing compliment coming from this kid. I never knew there was this type of monthly club out there and probably wouldn't have considered it before but I am glad to have found your line."

"I don't like subscriptions, I always forget about them."

Nothing's worse than forgetting to cancel and getting billed. That's why we text you a week before your order ships and ask you if you're still interested in receiving your order.

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