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What’s wrong with the norm?

  • Nothing, if you like running out of product at inconvenient times or going shopping for feminine needs and trying to hide them in your basket or under your arm. Come on! We know you do it. And you look for a female cashier, don't you? It's even worse when you have to send someone to the store for you only for them to come home with the wrong stuff.

A better solution

If you could have premium menstrual needs delivered to your door for a better price than buying them in the store, why wouldn't you do it? It's a no brainer! There's nothing worse than already being moody, sitting on the toilet and finding out you are out of product. Ugh! We've all been there that's why we've got you covered. We'll send you what you need every month so you never have to worry about going shopping for feminine needs ever agian. How awesome does that sound? And guess what? Our products start at only $1. Most of our competitors start at $12 for products that are lower quality than Dollar Maxi Pad Club products. You'll get all you need sent right to your door every month, no worries or headaches. Pause, cancel or update whenever you want, no strings attached.

Our product

We have 3 main products. Pads, Tampons and Cups all manufactured to the highest standard. Better quality product without the quality price. And who couldn’t use some chocolate and pampering during that time of the month? That’s why we offer a ‘Pamper Me’ package so you can spoil yourself. You deserve it. All of DMPC's products are chemical free, perfume free, dye free and are free of any harmful ingredients. Our pads have an activated Bamboo Charcoal strip that absorbs odors naturally and can help alleviate cramping. Learn more about our products by clicking on Products in the menu above.


Dollar Maxi Pad Club is a USA based family company run by a husband and wife team, Thane and Annette Belnap. They started this business to solve a problem we can all relate to. Not only did they want to make women's lives easier, but they wanted to make them healthier too. That's why they only offer premium products to their friends and family. When they are not working they enjoy camping with their kids, having dance parties in the kitchen and watching Thane paraglide.

Charity- Operation Underground Railroad

We donate a percentage of our sales to Operation Underground Railroad, a company that is dedicated to stop sex trafficking and also runs operations to rescue kids who have been kidnapped. You can choose to donate more to the same charity every month just by clicking the Donate $1 on the order page. You can learn more by visiting their web site here:

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