Regular Flow Tampon Package

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The Regular Flow Tampons Package is created for those who use tampons and have a regular flow. This package includes:15 normal tampons - absorbs between 6-9 grams10 panty liners - absorbs 80 ml10 wipes  Our premium tampons go from compact to full sized in one easy click. The pearl applicator is designed with a smooth tip for quick, easy insertion. They expand all around for full coverage protection. Our tampons are lotion-free, latex-free and fragrance-free. Our Premium Activated Bamboo Charcoal Pads with wings are super soft and ultra-thin. But don't let how thin they are fool you! They absorb and lock in flow in under 1 second. They do not chafe the skin so they can be worn every day if needed and are used by many customers as incontinence pads too! The Charcoal Bamboo and Anion Strip absorbs odor naturally, can help alleviate cramping and kills bacteria. The Charcoal Strip possesses a negative ionic charge. That's important since most of the toxins and pollutants in your body possess a positive ionic charge. Toxins are drawn to charcoal and eliminated from the body naturally.


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